12 January 2012

My Late Train

Oppps like missing the train hokeehhh to put 2012 wish list. Actually wish list for this year is "0". No sense of how crazy my heart now. This year's annual diary free.Me got annual diary? Oh my godness. Hik hik!  Hubby said this year Malaysia Island Holiday only. Okey dear. But It's the heart ni previous diary in 2013 is structured properly in the head brain.And not forget Alhamdulillah, thanks for all the dreams of 2011 are achieved. Plaque suddenly became tight:

Of all ni planning, planning for this year is PREGGY. Since I now  my new office is very bored ... so I look forward to maternity leave. So wish list this year is to preggy the whole year! ha ha ha ....
And it was great news for the company hubby had to bear the medical costs during pregnancy. Big smile again. Another things, I hope that I can learn new language. Arabic, mandarin,cantonise, french, spanish....which one is better?

The other, a sense of gratitude is given two sisters or best friends to be known when to step into this new office. Posted close friends with upstream to downstream. Thanks sister.I truly hope this friendship forever without envy:) Sometimes we really hope to be able to post close to each other. Could not the one continent country will be.

*Azam tahun baru la kot tulis semua dalam english. :)
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